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Health Camp in Rural area, Slum area & Metropolitan Cities

The Trust has been extensively involved in providing healthcare facilities to rural residents who have no access to them either because of non availability or poverty. With its own hospital in Nerul and with tie ups with several other hospitals across Maharashtra, the Trust has been able to make available modern medical treatment and diagnostic facilities to the beneficiaries.

Over the years, the Trust has been organizing regular camps for children, women and the elderly. Specialised camps for gynaecological health check up, polio, cataract and other eye problems, diabetes, cardiac problems, skin diseases, and orthopedic problems are a regular feature on the Trust’s agenda. The medical outreach program has covered almost all parts of Osmanabad district. Thousands of citizens have benefitted from this initiative.

Supporting families of Suicide affected persons in kind or cash

A large number of farmers are reeling under the burden of debt and the harsh drought have only pushed them into despair.

The number of suicide deaths have increased alarmingly, leaving hundreds of families in grave distress. The widows and old parents have no means of income and the children’s education has come to a standstill.

The Trust extends support to these families by making available supplies and medical care besides rehabilitating children to continue their education. Help is welcome in cash or kind. It could be in terms of medical or household supplies, vocational training, jobs, school supplies, fees directly payable to the school or simply cash.

Supporting families of Suicide affected persons in kind or cash

While immediate drought relief helps families to get back to their own feet, measures need to be taken to turn back the region into a water sufficient one.

Water conservation, water literacy among people and long term solutions are imperative.

The Trust plans to educate people on water conservation and implement measures like developing local reservoirs, well recharging, hydro fracturing, bunding and harvesting rainwater.

The Trust has in the past built several K.T Weirs and undertaken the deepening and widening of the Ter river basin. Such efforts need to continue in the future. Your support through funding can make this feasible.

Holistic Driver Welfare Programme

Terna DB Driver Training Institute (Terna DB DTI) is a JV Initiative of Terna Public Charitable Trust, in partnership with DB Skills and Livelihood to promote Road Safety Education, Professional training and accreditation of Drivers such as First Time Drivers, Taxi Driver/Chauffeur, Commercial Vehicle Driver, Ambulance Driver, Fork Lift Operator, Tractor Operators etc.

DB Skills and Livelihood is one of Largest Training & Certification Partners of ASDC/ LSC – Skill India , MSDE.

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Pre-Licensing Driver Training Program

Create a steady pipeline of Professionally trained and Skill India Certified Drivers such as Commercial Vehicle Drivers including Truck Drivers (HMV), First Time Drivers, Taxi Driver/Chauffeur etc. and Promote Road Safety Education.

Terna DB Driver Training Institute is affiliated with Skill India (Sector Skill Councils – LSC & ASDC) to rollout various Driver Training & Certification programs and Provide livelihood opportunities to the Trained, Certified and Licensed Drivers in field of driving.

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Shipping Corporation of India

CSR training activity conducted by Terna Public Charitable Trust for Shipping Corporation of India in partnership with Apparel, Made-ups & Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council of India.

Provide Training to the needy and deprived of Women in OSMANABAD district to become Self- Employed Tailors/Sewing Machine Operators leading to livelihood generation. Shipping Corporation of India, a Government of India Public Sector Enterprise with its headquarters in Mumbai that operates and manages vessels that services both national and international lines.

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Support/ generate livelihood in draught affected region

Delay in the onset of monsoon and its early cessation, high intensity and erratic rainfall, long dry spells, hailstorms pose a grave threat not only to agricultural production but also drinking water supply. It has also affected small enterprises and the overall livelihood of the people. We propose to build a complete support system for the victims by supporting the education of children, making available healthcare facilities, and training stakeholders in skill development so that they can explore alternative mean of income generation.

Financial Support to Terna Water Conservation Mission


On the occasion of the 75th birthday of the President of the Trust, a handsome amount was handed over to support water conservation tasks undertaken in the Terna river basin in Osmanabad district.

Veterinary Health Camps

Farm animals and cattle have always been an important part of the rural economy. The livelihood of the farmer largely relies on productive and efficient livestock. The Trust conducted free health check up camps for livestock in Osmanabad and Kalamb regions for several years.