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Terna Public Charitable Trust (TPCT) is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act (Registration No – E 91 dt. 30/9/1980) in Ternanagar , Osmanabad, Maharashtra, India.

TPCT was established on 30th September, 1980 with a primary goal to provide educational and health services to all sections of society. From its humble beginnings in 1980, the Trust today has grown into an educational colossus imparting education in multiple streams to more than 10,000 students.
TPCT is continuously organizing various Social & Medical programs in different parts of the state.


Our primary goal is to provide educational and health services to all sections of society.

Terna Public Charitable Trust [TPCT]


Terna Foundation is a registered charitable trust serving with the motto ‘Service to Man is Service to God’ and ‘Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life’.

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Health care

We are engaged in the field of public health. Develop & support multi-pronged initiatives to address issues that cover both communicable & non-communicable diseases.

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Many of the Terna scholars are not only carrying out path-breaking research and teaching at reputed institutions but are also working in reputed fields.

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Education has been a key focus area of the Terna foundation since inception. The goal is to provide high-quality, authentic, real-world, active learning experiences to everyone.

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